Manutenção das lentes de contacto


Contact Lenses: How to care.
Cleaning, Hygiene and Maintenance.

1 - Before putting on or taking the contact lens, you should wash your hands with mild soap. It is also recommended to dry hands on towel lint-free and keep the nails trimmed and clean always.

2 - Remove the lens case and examine the extent and the edge of the lens to make sure no foreign objects or tear in the lens.

3 - Start always handling the same lens, right or left, to prevent the exchange. For cleaning one can use cleaning solutions surfactants, enzymatic or preferably multi-purpose solutions.

4 - With the contact lens in the palm, drive a steady solution, causing a slight friction backwards inside (concave) lens. It is recommended a second pass by the cleaning solution without friction.

These steps should be performed whenever it is removing or inserting a contact lens of the eye. The following video from Ciba Vision shows the entire process:

Further cleaning kit to save the contact lenses should be done once a week with soap and water, and with the aid of a small brush (eg. A toothbrush). Then allow the case to air dry and, when dry, keep it closed. It is recommended to exchange the case at least every 3 months, because the nutrients microorganisms that develop from the fingers or soiled contact lens itself can accumulate in the kit.

Whenever you put the lens in the eye, wipe the case and replace the respective net. When using the lenses, the kit should be kept dry and stored in a location with low humidity.


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