What are the advantages of buying online?

There are several advantages to online shopping in Visão&Visual: 
• You can make your purchase at any time or day (24 hours / 7 days a week);
• Delivery of the product (s) (s) to order in your home or the address specified; 
• Products much cheaper than in optics;
• Through our database, and after your first purchase, the purchase process is made easier for repeat purchases.


How to get prescription of contact lenses?

The first step is to seek the opinion of an expert, ophthalmologist or an optometrist, so you can point out the most appropriate parameters for you. The specialist will determine / advise what type of lens is the most appropriate depending on the size and type of lens, and the number of times you have to change. Periodic reviews are very important to maintain eye health.

Require the expert a copy of your prescription so you can buy where you consider to be the best, and even if you are away on holiday for example, and need to know the parameters for its purchase.


How to order?

1. If you are a new customer, you must Register. If you are already registered, then click Login.
2. Select your products on our left menu by Product List, Brand, Category, or place the product name in the search box;
3. After choosing the products, enter their data (graduation, quantity, etc.) for both eyes, and click Add;
4. Review the products selected.
5. After recepcionarmos your order, send an order confirmation e-mail with the description of the products ordered. 

Do not see the contact lens you are looking for?

If you have not found the contact lens you are looking for, please send us your request by e-mail, specifying the manufacturer and the name (s) Lens (s) contact to our Customer Service. We'll answer as soon as possible, stating whether you can get (s) Lens (s) contact, and the respective price indication. If you want to order the lenses, respond to our email with the respective parameters of the lens.
All orders are processed against prepayment. 

What information contains a contact lens case?

You must find the following information for each eye:
OD = Right Eye
OS = Left Eye

Brand contact lenses (eg Acuvue).

Graduation or Spherical power (PWR, SPH or D)
Indicates the degree to correct.

Base Curve or Bend Radius (BC)
It indicates the shape of the lens curvature.

Diameter (DIA)
Size or diameter of the lens.

Graduation or Cylindrical power (CYL or ZYL)
Only for toric lenses.
Degree correction for astigmatism.

Axis (AXIS AX x X)
Only for toric lenses.
Direction of astigmatism is in degrees.

Addition (Add)
Only for bifocals.
Additional patch indicated for the correction of presbyopia. 

In each order is lost information required for each type of contact lens.


What is the difference between daily wear lenses and extended wear lenses?

Daily use of contact lenses
They should be used while remaining awake.
You must remove these lenses before bed and take care to store them in a cleaning solution. They are available as disposable or, in a conventional manner, not disposable.

Contact lenses Extended use
They can be used continuously, even while sleeping. The new materials for contact lenses allow for greater oxygenation of the cornea, which is essential for ocular health. However, only the eye care professional can decide whether or not a candidate for this type of use.


The lenses require any specific type of maintenance?

The type of maintenance of your lenses should be recommended by the optometrist or ophthalmologist. For disposable contact lens is used, usually a proprietary solution, however it may be necessary other type of supplementary cleaning.
It is important to keep your lenses and its kit lens clean.


How often to change lenses?

The frequency of purchase of contact lenses will depend on the advice of your optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Most contact lenses have a deadline for substitution ranging from 1 day to 1 year. Due to the replacement period, the lenses are categorized as disposable or conventional (non-disposable).

Disposable Contact Lenses
These lenses are thinner since they are manufactured with a higher water content.
Due to certain factors, disposable contact lenses can be used for a day, a week or up to three months. Aside from disposable lenses for daily use, the remaining disposable lenses (weekly or monthly) require cleaning and disinfection after each use. Can be for everyday use or for prolonged use, depending on the adaptation and brand.

Contact lenses Conventional
These lenses last about 3 months to 1 year.


What to do if you experience discomfort with the lens?

If you experience discomfort with the lenses, stop using them. If symptoms persist seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Colored lenses

There are variations between different brands and colored contact lenses colors. Even if you have no vision problem, you should always consult an expert before buying colored lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses for sports?

Contact lenses are the best option for athletes.
Unlike glasses, contact lenses offer a competitive advantage, because they remain in place under dynamic conditions, and do not run the risk of injury to wear glasses.
However, it is not recommended to swim with contact lenses because the bacteria in the water that may adhere to the lens and cause infections.
If you wear contact lenses for swimming, it is advisable that you use swimming goggles, and disinfect immediately afterwards.

The Visão&Visual send bills?

In each order is sent an invoice for purchased products. You can present this bill to your insurance company to recover the refund, if applicable.

It can receive the package at a different address from the billing address?

During the purchase proceed as follows:

1. On the page that finalizes the purchase appears the delivery address.
2. There may change and indicate the address to which you want to receive your order.
This procedure does not change the address for billing.

Is it safe to pay for the site? Personal data is protected?

The Visão&Visual protects your privacy and your data will never be provided to third parties.
In addition, Visão&Visual format https to ensure the security of the payment information transfer over the Internet.


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