How to interpret your prescription contact lenses?

Prescrição de lentes de contacto

We strongly recommend that you consult the opinion of an expert about the most suitable lens for you. The Visão&Visual has a licensed optometrist to provide information and clarification. However, if you are already comfortable with your prescription but does not quite know how to handle the order details of their contact lenses, here are some tips on the respective captions and descriptions of the main parameters of contact lenses:

  • OD/OE – Identify respectively Right Eye and Left Eye.
  • BC – Base curvature of a lens, which indicated to us the value of the curvature thereof. Indicated on the packaging of contact lenses as BC.
  • Dia. – Diameter is the size of the lens in millimeters. Indicated on the packaging of contact lenses as Dia.
  • Esfera (Esf.) – Value indicating potency, positive or negative lens measured in Diopters. Indicated on the packaging of contact lenses as PWR / SPH / D.
  • Cilindro (Cil.) – This value indicates the power of the lens for the correction of astigmatism. As the ball value may be positive or negative. The absence of this value means that have no astigmatism. Indicated on the packaging of contact lenses as CYL / ZYL.
  • Eixo – The cylindrical lenses with correction as the degree vary the rotation of the lens always have an assigned axis. The value varies between 0 and 180 degrees (in which case 0 and 180 the same). Indicated on the packaging of contact lenses as AX.
  • Adição (Add) – The addition is a value (always positive) which is added to the spherical part of away from graduation to get close to graduation. Applies the Progressive / Bifocal lenses. It is indicated on packages of contact lenses as Add.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support service, either by our chat, email or phone.


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